Founder & CEO : Sateesh Academy

Mr. Sateesh Konakalla has a teaching experience of more than 9 years and he has taught more than 1800+ successful trainers. 

After training these many trainers/teachers and after deep research Mr. Sateesh has proved that Vedic Maths is a globally appreciated skill. 

Mr. Sateesh Konakalla has arranged a LIVE WEBINAR for teachers & trainers so that you can learn and have a glimpse of how Vedic Maths can open new opportunities for you, professionally & financially.

What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to Vedic Maths.
  • Learn basics of Vedic Mathematics.
  • How to be productive in your free time.
  • Enhance your child's/students brain using Vedic Maths.
  • Career opportunities in Vedic Maths.
  • How to learn Vedic maths efficiently.
  • How to enhance your skillset with simple Vedic Maths tricks.
  • The advantages and Power of Vedic Maths.

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