It’s 2022 and to become a successful teacher or a trainer, you’ve to become familiar with the world of the internet. 

If you’re a non-technical person, you might think that using applications & software is difficult. But trust me, it’s not. You just have to gain the right knowledge to use them.

After going through this course, you’ll be able to understand:

  • What are the tools you need to set up your business
  • How to use video-conferencing platforms like Zoom
  • How to use all the required tools
  • How you can start utilising all the required tools in less than 15 days.
  • How to use these tools to grow your business

Course Curriculum

  Basic tools Required to teach online
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About Your Trainer

Your trainer for this course  is Mr. Sateesh Konakalla; a Math teacher, instructor, and founder of Sateesh Academy.

In the last 9 years, Mr. Sateesh & his team trained thousands of students & teachers. Mr. Sateesh has connected with thousands of teachers in the last few years and that’s why he knows the struggles and pain points of all the teachers and aspirants very well.

Many teachers find it difficult to use technical tools and it’s obvious as before that they were connected with offline teaching only.

To help teachers and aspirants like you, Sateesh Academy decided to create this course: “Become an Expert in technology”.

You will hardly find any coach or educational institution helping their students/customers with the help of courses like this.

Mr. Sateesh is personally using all these technical tools and that’s why he is the right person to help you to become a master in technology.

So, learn technical stuff from Mr. Sateesh & save your time, reach more people which will result in getting more admissions in your classes.