Demo class is one of the most powerful weapons of any teacher to gain the trust of parents. Conducting a demo class is one of the easiest yet most effective parts you can do to grow your business. This course is all you need to master the art of conducting powerful demo classes and parental nurturing.

After Completing This Course, You’ll:

  • Understand how to prepare for a demo class
  • Understand how to conduct a successful demo class
  • How to gain the trust of parents in the demo class.
  • How to deal with objections and queries of parents
  • How to nurture parents to gain their trust
  • And much more learning and key benefits you will get after completing this course.


About Your Trainer:

Your trainer for the “Mastery In Demo Class and Nurturing” will be Mr. Sateesh Konakalla; a Math teacher, instructor, and founder of Sateesh Academy.

In the last 9 years, Mr. Sateesh & his team trained thousands of teachers & aspirants to learn & monetize Vedic Maths & Abacus skills.

In this program, he will teach you how to conduct a successful demo class and how to nurture parents for their kid’s benefit.

Do follow all the instructions given by your trainer Mr. Sateesh because this course is crucial for you to get student enrollments. If you are able to grasp the skills of demo class & parents nurturing, you will never face problems in getting new admissions into your classes.

Happy Learning!