It’s important to learn from our mistakes and past experience, but if we learn from the mistakes of others, their past experiences, their struggles, their achievements, then we grow much faster.

In the last 9 years, Satesh Academy trained thousands of people to become successful. And we are happy to share that today many of them are doing great work and are teaching a good number of students every day.

In this course, we have interviewed some of our successful teachers so that you can get valuable insights from their experiences. These teachers have shared:

  • How did Sateesh Academy help them in their teaching profession?
  • How does our training program help them?
  • What challenges did they face in the initial stage?
  • How do they tackle these challenges?
  • What are the common objections of parents?
  • Are they satisfied with the service of Sateesh Academy?
  • Their crucial advice to you!


About Your Trainer

Your trainer for the “Successful teachers Stories - tips” will be Mr. Sateesh Konakalla; a Math teacher, instructor, and founder of Sateesh Academy.

In the last 9 years, Mr. Sateesh & his team trained thousands of students & teachers. Mr. Sateesh has connected with thousands of teachers in the last few years and that’s why he knows the struggles and pain points of all the teachers and aspirants very well.

To help teachers & aspirants like you, he has interviewed some of his successful teachers so that you can learn about the industry from their experience.

Do watch all the interviews, write down all the notes, compare them with your teaching experience and start executing the important stuff in your profession.